Cheap Eats: Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House


Today, I will share a little special hole in the wall that my boyfriend found. On 18th avenue in Brooklyn, there lies a small shop called Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling. The dishes don’t disappoint. We started off with the fried dumplings. I definitely recommend it. The skin was extremely crisply and there was plenty of meat inside.



Next is the scallion pancake with beef. The pic below shows what’s on the inside. I think the sauce is oyster sauce, but I could be wrong. It was definitely different from the usual scallion pancake I order. Definitely worth a try.



Last but not least, I ordered the hand pulled noodles with duck. You can tell the noodles were freshly made. It had a very nice texture to it. The noodles felt elastic and firm. They were also very generous with the duck. And to top it all off, the broth was extremely flavorful.


Any special places you want to share?

– Mike

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